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Amit Kumar (Computer Engineer MCA)

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My Name Is Amit Kumar. We provide best financial solution for our clients. 

All business growth comes from providing high quality financial solutions to our clients. That’s why we are here. We want to be your one stop solution provider who provides all type of extranet, business and personal loans, credit cards and so on while we follow a strict process that helps you to become your own banker.


Bank Loan

>All bank loan

>All bank loan process.

>All bank loan interest rate.

>Bank Loan eligibility: Applicants must be 18 years old or above, and possess a minimum annual income of $15,000 per annum (or $1 million if your employer is exempt from paying MCA). The applicant’s financials should also be verified by a certified public accountant and/or chartered accountant before he or she can get any personal loans from any banks in Singapore or elsewhere in Asia Pacific region! You can check out our website at https://www.keywoker.com/apply/.

Credit Card

All bank Credit Card

No Income Proof No Problem We are here You can get all Life time Free Credit Card .

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Home Loan

A home loan is a loan taken against the value of the borrower’s house. It is also known as a mortgage loan, real estate purchase or property acquisition loan. A person who takes out this type of financial assistance has to pay interest on the money borrowed and make monthly payments to service the debt until it is repaid in full.

Business Loan

Business Loan is a loan provided by the bank to help a business grow. It’s a long-term loan, and it can be used for any purpose that will help you grow your business.

Personal Loan

Personal Loan is a loan that you can use for personal expenses. It is used to pay for your personal expenses such as medical bills, education, wedding and other purposes. Personal Loan has been in existence since then and it has become one of the most popular loans today. You can get a personal loan from any bank or lender if you have good credit history and income.

Loan against property / LAP

Loan against property is a loan taken against your property. In other words, you lend money to your bank or any other financial institution and get it back when you sell the property at a higher price than what was originally borrowed. This can be done in two ways:

  • With personal guarantee (PG) – where you make the entire payment on time and in full every month until all debts are cleared off completely; or
  • With mortgage – where you agree to pay interest only on what’s left after paying off debt principal amount plus monthly payments for as long as its term expires with no prepayment penalty charged if any

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Overdraft is a type of loan that allows you to withdraw more money from your account than what is available in the account. Overdraft is a short-term loan that is usually repaid within one to three months.

The overdraft fee will be charged if it falls below $100, but this charge can be avoided by paying more than once a week or by using an ATM card that isn’t attached to your checking account (such as one issued by Chase).

Overdrafts are often used when we need unexpected sums of cash on hand immediately because they’re easy, fast and convenient—and they give us some extra flexibility when paying bills or buying things online!

Mutual Fund

Mutual funds are a great way to invest in the stock market, grow your money and diversify your portfolio. Mutual funds also allow you to save on taxes by using tax-deferred income while still receiving capital gains and dividends.

We Provide Best Financial Solution

We provide best financial solution for our customers. Our credit card is a very important part of your life. If you have a bad credit history, then we can help you improve it by giving you the facility to get a new credit card or even open up an existing one with us if it doesn’t have any limits or restrictions on it. You may think that getting new accounts will just increase the amount of debt but there are many benefits associated with having multiple cards which make it worth while getting them at once instead of paying off one at a time from scratch every time there’s an opportunity . With this new strategy in place, we’re confident that more people will be able to achieve their goals faster than ever before!


We provide best financial solution.

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