Breaking Down Derek Carr’s Potential Landing Spots for 2023

Breaking Down Derek Carr's Potential Landing Spots for 2023


So, you’re the GM of a team in need of a quarterback. You’ve just watched Derek Carr’s play his last game for the Oakland Raiders and you’re thinking about making a move.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Below is a list of teams that could use Carr in 2023 and the trade packages they might be willing to offer.



Why Derek Carr Could Be a Hot Commodity in 2023

Derek Carr is set to be a hot commodity in the NFL next season.


There are a few potential landing spots that could be a good fit for him. The Miami Dolphins are in dire need of a quarterback, and Carr could be a great fit in their offense. He would have a strong supporting cast with receivers such as DeVante Parker and Kenny Stills, as well as running back Kenyan Drake.

The New York Giants could also be a good fit for Carr. They have an aging quarterback in Eli Manning, and they may be looking to groom his successor. Carr would have a great opportunity to lead the Giants back to prominence and potentially win a Super Bowl.


Other potential landing spots for Carr include the Cleveland Browns, Washington Redskins, and Arizona Cardinals.

Analyzing Carr’s Potential Suitors

Now that you understand a bit more about Derek Carr and his potential contract situation, it’s time to analyze his potential suitors. There are a few teams that stand out as being the most likely to snatch him up in 2023.

The first is the Washington Redskins. They are a team in need of a quarterback, and they have the salary cap space to make a big offer to Carr. He would be a perfect fit for their offense, and they could make a run at the playoffs with him under center.


The second team is the Miami Dolphins. They are also in need of a quarterback, and they have been scouting Carr for years. They have the resources to make a competitive offer, and they could be on the rise with Carr as their leader.


The third team is the Oakland Raiders. This one is a bit more complicated, as Carr has already played for the Raiders and might not want to return. However, if Jon Gruden is still coaching the Raiders in 2023, they could be a viable option for Carr. They have the money and the need for a quarterback, so it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on them.

Which NFC North Teams Could Make a Play for Carr?

Breaking Down Derek Carr's Potential Landing Spots for 2023

The NFC North is home to some of the most competitive teams in the NFL. And with Derek Carr on the market, each of these teams could make a play for the quarterback.


The Green Bay Packers have shown interest in Carr in the past, and they could be a landing spot for him in 2023. Aaron Rodgers is getting up there in age, and Carr could be the heir apparent to his throne.


The Minnesota Vikings are another team that could be interested in Carr. With Kirk Cousins set to become a free agent after the 2020 season, the Vikings could be looking for a new quarterback. Carr would be a good fit in Minnesota’s offense.


The Detroit Lions are another team that could make a play for Carr. Matt Stafford has been the Lions’ starting quarterback for the past eight seasons, but he’s not getting any younger. The Lions could decide to move on from Stafford and go with Carr as their new signal caller.


The Chicago Bears are the last team in the NFC North that could make a play for Carr. Mitchell Trubisky has been their starting quarterback for the past two seasons, but he’s had mixed results so far. The Bears could decide to go in a different direction and sign Carr as their new quarterback.

Could the Texans Make a Play to Reunite With Carr?

One team that could make a play for Derek Carr in 2023 is the Houston Texans. After all, Carr did spend his first five NFL seasons with the franchise before being traded in the 2020 offseason.


The Texans haven’t had a lot of success with their quarterback situation since trading away Carr, so bringing him back might be an attractive option. On top of that, they have a lot of talent on their team outside of the quarterback position, and having a veteran leader like Carr leading them would be beneficial.


Another thing to consider is head coach David Culley’s relationship with Carr. The two have a good rapport, which could help facilitate an easy transition back to the Texans. And if the team can sign him for a reasonable price tag, it could be a win-win situation for both sides.

Could the Broncos Offer the Perfect Fit?

When looking at potential landing spots, a team that seems to check off a lot of boxes for Derek Carr could be the Denver Broncos. They have a need for a quarterback, their offensive line is solid and they have some good weapons.


In addition, the Broncos went out and got stars on defense such as Von Miller and Patrick Surtain II. It won’t be an easy task, but if Carr is able to get the ball into his playmakers’ hands and limit turnovers, Denver could be in position to make some noise in 2023.


Denver offers everything that Derek Carr needs to be successful; however, it will ultimately come down to whether or not John Elway wants him in Denver. If Elway believes Carr can bring them back to the playoffs (or even Super Bowl contention), this could be a great fit for him in 2023.

What Are the Risks and Rewards of Acquiring Derek Carr?

Breaking Down Derek Carr's Potential Landing Spots for 2023

No matter where Derek Carr ends up in 2023, teams will have to weigh the risks and rewards of adding him. On the one hand, he’s a reliable starter who’s been productive in a variety of offenses. On the other hand, there’s still uncertainty surrounding his future since he may not be able to continue at his current level for much longer.


Overall, teams should consider the pros and cons of bringing in Carr. For example, acquiring him could help an organization create stability with their squad, especially if Carr finds success with his new team. Additionally, his leadership and experience could benefit teammates who are still developing as players.


On the flip side of things, teams taking a risk on Derek Carr should think about how long he may remain effective. He’s heading into his 10th year in the league and is already 30 years old — so there’s certainly a chance that age could start to take its toll soon. Plus, he’s coming off an injury that caused him to miss several games last season and must prove that it won’t be an issue moving forward.


So where could Derek Carr land in 2023?


There are a lot of potential suitors for the quarterback, but some teams stand out more than others.


The Dallas Cowboys, for example, are always a contender, and with a new head coach in place, they may be looking for a new starting quarterback.


The San Francisco 49ers are another team that could be a good fit for Carr. They have a strong defense and a promising young quarterback in Jimmy Garoppolo, so they may be ready to move on from Carr.


whichever team winds up signing Derek Carr, you can be sure that they’ll be getting a talented quarterback who is ready to take his game to the next level.

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